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About Us

Here at Game of Throws, we don’t just sell the games, we create them first!
Our mission is to reinvigorate the classic board game and help restore its former popularity. To get family & friends sitting around the table having fun again, like it used to be. So turn off the TV, take off those headphones, put down that game controller and rediscover the simple joy of playing and interacting together again!
MONOPOLY – Cricket Edition is our maiden game but certainly won’t be our last, so stay tuned for exciting new offerings.


Meet The Team



Jazz - Cricket Tragic & Creative Director




 Alex - Adventure Guy & Sales Director                                              



Ed - 4WD Guy & Business Director


Eureka Moment

Like many others, Monopoly was a much loved game during my childhood. I can recall countless instances and even more countless hours well spent around the classic board. I particularly remember my sister sulking if she didn’t get all the stations or another time when I chanced, community chested and free parkinged (made up word, just go with it), my way around the board to win with only Mayfair & Park Lane (and the small matter of two hotels perhaps), in my possession. That was a great game! Obviously I love cricket too. I mean stay up all hours of the night, glued to the action and little else matters, save up my annual leave to take strategic long weekends targeting key test matches, love cricket! When the idea first came to me, I remember thinking, surely this already exists? But if so, how could I, a self-confessed cricket tragic, not know about it? - Jazz
That’s when we realised we had to make this game. For ourselves and for the millions of other cricket and board game fans out there just like us!
As great as the original is, hundreds of versions have since sprung up covering a vast array of categories. Here was a chance to combine the classic and much loved board game with what we believe to be the greatest and most unique of sports, creating a quality version for a global audience.
It was important to us that this version was both logical and true to the classic game play. Monopoly after all is based on acquiring and improving property. So what could make more sense than picking 22 of the worlds most well-known and stunning cricket grounds for the property squares? This did however present an immediate and obvious challenge: which grounds and in which order? A lot of time and thought went in to this decision. We wanted to consider several factors including: historical relevance, aesthetic beauty, classic matches and capacity, amongst others and all with an underlying obligation to represent as many countries and regions as possible. I assure you it was no easy task with so many fantastic grounds and stadiums from which to choose just 22, alas too few. While it is sadly impossible to please all the people, all of the time, we hope to have done justice in the eyes of most of you cricket fans out there.
We have 8 unique metal cricket playing tokens. Howzat? & Third Umpire playing cards replacing chance and community chest as well as stands & media centres just waiting for you to build your Monopoly like never before. We sincerely hope you enjoy this fun new version as much as we do, and will be sure to tell all your cricket tragic friends about us too!
MONOPOLY – Cricket Edition is a Game of Throws exclusive, approved by Hasbro, and is only available on this site. So what are you waiting for? As the umpire says: ‘Play!’

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