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1)        Is Monopoly Cricket Edition a licensed version of the game?

A)      Yes. The game was designed by Game of Throws, and is produced via Winning Moves Australia (a licensee of Hasbro – the owners of Monopoly).


2)      Why isn’t Monopoly Cricket Edition available in stores?

A)      There are hundreds of licensed versions of Monopoly in existence. This can mean a very long wait and numerous challenges in stocking the game in stores. We didn’t want to wait getting this great edition out there, and therefore proceeded with an e-Commerce agreement (meaning we sell the game ourselves, primarily via our website: www.gameofthrows.com.au).


3)      Doesn’t $69.95 + shipping seem expensive for a Monopoly game?

A)      Actually, you may be surprised to learn that a standard new custom Monopoly version averages between $70 - $80 in stores. This is a product that can provide you, your family & friends with hours & hours of fun and enjoyment over many years, and we think it is excellent value for money. As to shipping, the game weighs 1.25Kg, is robustly packaged for transit to ensure it arrives to you safely and we make no profit on these charges.


4)      Will only cricket tragics enjoy this game?

A)      We have had such excellent feedback from so many recipients of the game, not to mention a fair few of their partners & family members. We are reliably informed that Monopoly Cricket Edition adds a refreshing and enjoyable change to your traditional Monopoly experience, even for non-test match watching aficionados.


5)      Why isn’t my favourite ground on the board?

A)      This was a tough one. We wanted to encompass the whole world of Test Cricket and only had 22 spots to do it with. England & Australia have the most with four each, as this is where it all began. Thereafter we wanted to have a fair mix from around the world and based our choices on several key criteria, such as: classic matches / aesthetic beauty / capacity etc. While there are no shortage of amazing, beautiful and memorable cricket grounds around the world, we’re sure you’ll enjoy the variety on offer in Monopoly Cricket Edition.

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